Styles of Craftsman Mechanic Stool

Jun 12th

Craftsman mechanic stool can make an elegant complement to any room in your home. Most vintage rocking chairs — as opposed to more modern style rocking chairs — feature oversized seats and armrests, and are often engraved or painted with decorative designs and motifs. Some of the most popular styles include Windsor, Boston, Shaker, Bentwood, Hitchcock and Rocking Chair.


Craftsman mechanic stool first appeared during the early 18th century in and around the city of Windsor, England. The chairs, originally used as outdoor lawn or garden chairs, have rounded hoop-like backs and locked (or passive downward) legs that fit directly into the seat bottom. In the mid-18th century Windsor came to North America, and craftsmen started making some changes. For example, the comb Windsor has a straight topped back (similar to a comb) and bird cage Windsor has no armrests.


Craftsman mechanic stool are a variant of the traditional Windsor style. Chairs are characterized by long, long spindled backs, and places that curve up in the back and down the front. The armrests of rockers usually mimic the curves on the seat. Shakers are a religious group who came to North America from Britain during the freedom war. Shaker furniture is known to be symmetrical, functional and simple design, and this is no different when it comes to Shaker rocking chairs, as with simple, stiff-like ridges and flat woven seats.

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