Charm of Rustic Bed Frames

Jun 30th

Originally used in country houses, however, currently, the rustic style finds place in any type of housing. It is characterized by the presence of furniture worn out by time, by the use of textiles that create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis style is to present very special pieces that have a long history to tell, passing from generation to generation, so that, often, this furniture is old and rural, with deep and worn marks. For example, the rustic bed frames are typically small, while the cupboards, dressers, dressers and tables are large. The sofas are comfortable and covered with blankets and cushions; Rocking chairs are also common.

The walls usually show their natural appearance, whether stone or brick, or covered with natural wood or simply painted white. Since wooden beams usually remain in view, while the floor is usually made of wood, it can be painted. The most common colors are neutral, earthy tones and cream. The touches of color appear here and there. The mixture of patterns is the essence of the rustic style. Other important details are the old mirrors, old lithographs or paintings and chandeliers. Objects of daily life are part of the decoration: wicker baskets, glass jars, ceramics, copper items, wooden spoons, candles, books, decorative tins and handmade items.

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Unpretentious flowers and simple natural arrangements. Simple and clear, this bedroom is highlight by the large window overlooking nature. Paint blue, the window matches the baseboards and the large armchair with cushions. The solid bed is covere with a cotton quilt and colorful pillows that harmonize with the rustic carpet of colorful paintings. The wooden headboard, fixed to the bed in the room, accompanied by the bedside tables in the same material.

This rustic bedroom is characterize more than anything by the rustic charm of hand materials. The design of the furniture are rather classic. But wood seizes the aesthetic that, next to the brick wall. There is no doubt that the field style is present also in the details as the basket at the foot of the bed. To counteract the choice of a classic furniture design, the geometric design mirror bursts into aesthetics. And the green tone gives a modern and natural touch. The lighting and the furniture next to the windows give us a more modern look, the textiles, although they are classic. Also cut with the rustic style that floods the room.