Plans To Build Wooden Deck Rail Planter Box

May 28th

A beautiful tire railroad will keep you safe. These will also delimit the boundary between your garden and deck. To soften its lines and bring your flowers or plants closer to view, consider installing plantation owners along the stakit. A modest project for the enthusiastic DIYer, building your own wooden deck rail planter box owners will add a satisfying and useful item to your garden. Over-rail designs; a method of building tire railroad planters places plants directly on top of the railing. If you have wide and robust handrails, this design can work for you.

You can refer to a range of plans for dimensions. offers a free, basic plan for an over-rail plantation owner. It recommends to design flower box 1/2 inch wider than the railing itself. With the flower box sides hanging down over the railing at one of several inches. This helps lower the center-of-gravity box. contains a similar plan that you can make from scrap cedar boards. also offers plans for over-rail plantation owners with decorative slatted floors. Their plans are available as PDF files for £ 1.90.

Hanging designs; instead of installing your plantation owner directly on the railing, hanging designs such as decorative nautical planters from use mounting brackets to hang along one side of the rail. Nautically inspired “half-boat” plants have a unique rounded shape, like the boat’s hull. Plans sell for £ 7.70 and additional lime planes cost £ 5.80, as of September 2010. An advantage of a hanging tire rail planter’s owner is its water flow. Unlike an over-rail design, excess water will not pool on your handrail. ExtremeHowTo offers a simple hanging plantation owners plan, similar to its over-rail design. But lacks the low-hanging sides and requires metal hanging brackets.

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Custom planters; essentially, a hanging tire railway plantation owner is very similar to a window shed plantation owner. It is simply different in the mounting mechanism. A deck planter box plans can mount wrappers all around the railing when a typical window-box plantation owner can place on the window shade with screws or other drilled fixtures. So, consider following the plans of a basic window-box plantation owner for a wider range of designs. And just customize the mounting structure for your stakit. Georgia-based retailer Flower altankases offer fittings to fit 2-by-4, 2-by-6 or 2-by-8 timber. Combine the fittings with a window-box design to your liking. Such as altankas Woodworking Plan from Woodworker Workshop. The end.