Ideas for Futon Alternative

Nov 10th

Futon alternative – Japan is a country that fascinates and the Japanese culture to us Westerners is at least curious and therefore attractive. From its particular way of understanding life and its rich millennia wisdom we have been able to collect and adapt various elements of the country of the rising sun. It is the case of the futon. The futon, as the Japanese understand, is a very thin mat, about 5 cm. These oriental mattresses usually differ from the western ones precisely in the thickness, in addition to the composition of the filling, while in the East it is usually made with cotton and natural fibers, in the West it is composed of a mixture with latex and the thickness is greater, imitating the traditional mattresses.

In Japan the futon alternative is placed on a rigid base, the tatami, which must be aerated during the day, this is achieved by removing the futon that must also be aerated so that its natural fibers do not clump or moisture can deteriorate them. Futons not only favor the optimization of space in our homes, they also offer a healthy factor worthy of mention, since it considerably improves back and posture problems by alleviating apneas and insomnia.

The futon alternative is millennial and it is made by hand with natural cotton. The Japanese futons are designed to be above the characteristic tatami . After the night, they get used to folding to keep them in a closet and leave the room free. Today futons have evolved minimally (materials, thickness, etc.) to adapt to the customs of modern life. That is why they have become a serious alternative to conventional mattresses.

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