Design of Garage Door Rough Opening

Jan 15th

Garage door rough opening are usually part of our home as we do not pay much attention to. They guard our cars, our warehouses and sometimes our tools, but we do not think to live them as we do the rest of our home. Garage doors, however, can indicate the tone for the rest of our homes. They are one of the largest spaces on the front of our home, and the first thing most people see when they visit. Decorating them is easy and well worth the effort.


Keep garage door rough opening in good condition. Remove loose paint with a color scraper. Atmosphere bare wood doors by applying weatherproofing sealants to clean garage doors. Keep steel doors in good condition by removing rust with sandpaper. Replace the bottom seal when it is old and worn. Replacements are available on most hardware stores and easily attach around the bottom of the garage door.

Decorate your garage doors

Paint the garage door rough opening a color that complements the rest of your home. Neutral colors are popular, but bright colors that stand out can also be cute. It is best to paint the door with two layers while it is clean, allow each coat to dry between. Consider painting each panel a slightly different color, or painting raised areas and trim or casting on the door a different color than the base of the door. Add decorative metal handles and accents found in hardware stores and easily attach to any garage door. See for an example of this kind of decoration.

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