Very Useful Create Country Living Rooms

Jun 24th

Hello everyone! Good weather arrives and, with it, the desire to return to inhabit the country living rooms in houses that are in towns and villages throughout the country, whether our family members or ours, in case you are lucky enough to have one. We like to get back in touch with nature, have a small patio or garden, be surrounded by tools, wood … in short, life. It is not necessary to have a country house or a farmhouse, there are small cottages that are wonderful, so in this article we are going to talk about ideas to decorate a small and rustic country house.

The wonderful thing about small cottages is when the roof beams are visible. This creates a much more rustic and cozy atmosphere in the living room. Note that if you have stairs that leave nooks and crannies. It can be a good place to install a white sofa, a carpet and hardwood furniture. You can even use chests or trunks as extra seats. This room of a country house larger than the previous one, but the idea that the sofas are white, the furniture of natural wood, you can even restore carpenter’s benches for the side table, as we see. Materials such as wicker are also welcome for a rustic house decoration, whether in armchairs or baskets.

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another proposal of living room for small and rustic house different from what was previously seen. Since it includes the green color as the main element of decoration. Both in painting and in upholstery as in accessories. Without e, bargo, we see again the presence of elements of esparto (chairs and hat) and wicker (tray). Which are essential for rustic decoration. If the small country house has a hall space where you can leave shoes and bags. Look at how well this carpenter’s bench is restore. Notice that the hangers are very useful and they hang wicker and esparto accessories. Such as the bag or basket. A rustic decoration more cannot and hardly occupies space.

Another option to decorate the hall of a small country house is this rustic style furniture decorate with wooden and metal baskets, candles and vases. It is also easily attachable to small spaces.  We hope that these ideas for decorating a small and rustic country house will please you. And that you will find some details that will inspire you to create a natural and pleasant atmosphere in each room of the house.