Warm and Welcoming Country Living Room Ideas

Jun 24th

The family room is where the family relaxes and reconnects at the end of a long day, so you need to be comfortable and feel warm and welcoming. Country living room ideas decorating style incorporates warm wood tones, patterns and colors to create a cozy atmosphere, inviting the room. This makes a country decoration ideal for an informal space such as a family room. One of the defining features of the country’s style of decoration is the use of warm woods such as oak and pine. This makes it an ideal choice for a country style hardwood flooring room. Choose wide wood planks or floors in light engineered finishes and add woven rag rugs or floral tapestry rugs to help muffle noise.

Since the room should be comfortable and cozy, another option for the floor in a country-style room is carpeted. For a high traffic area such as a family room, choose a textured frieze or rug to minimize signs of wear. Select the carpet in a neutral and soft color to prevent the carpet from becoming the focus of the room. The use of color is another hallmark of country decorating style. For a family room, choose warm wall colors like yellow and muted shades of red and orange to make the space feel cozy, or try soft blue or green to create a quiet, relaxing space. Pastel tones such as lavender or pink give a touch of romance.

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Warm shades of wood and stuffed, upholstered furniture is ideal for a family room of country style. Choose oak, pine or painted wood for tables and coffee tables. Feel free to mix and match the styles of these pieces to eliminate the process often created by the systems. For high-end furniture such as sofas, select items with clean lines and a comfortable feel in neutral and solid colors. This will make it easier to change accessories when your room needs updating. You can add patterns and texture to the room with lower-priced items such as chairs.

Add country-style accessories will end the country feel to the family room. Add cushions in flower fabrics or paintings. Consider using antique quilts as wall hangings. Structure pieces of vintage cloth or make pillows Antique tea towels. Add watercolor landscapes and old photographs in old frames in small groups to the walls. Use antique lamps with floral tones and porcelain vases filled with fresh flowers to complete the country style decor.