Most Popular Options for Accent Wall Living Room

Jul 1st

Accent wall living room is becoming one of the most popular options for decorating and repainting spaces. All the spaces absolutely all, consist of several walls, the simple thing is to paint them in a uniform color, which is an option that must be accompanied by other decorative elements that make contrast and give presence to the space. Let’s make it simple, an accent wall greatly simplifies the task of decorating very meticulously because the so-called prominent walls achieve depth and enhance the presence of any surface. But, how to know which wall to choose and what color to paint? Keep reading the post.

Ideally, the wall you want to highlight is a space that attracts all eyes when you enter the room. The walls with chimneys or design elements like shelves, also work well. If you can, avoid walls that have doors or windows. Since these usually counteract the effect you are trying to create. If the room is painted a neutral color , choose a tone stronger than contrast to add depth and a scenic touch to the space. If the walls are already painted a cool color , try a complementary color with darker or lighter shades to highlight the wall.

Dare to make the accent wall a space full of shapes, geometric figures are back in fashion. In this post we tell you how to paint them. A good tip to choose the color of the accent wall is to first observe the colors that predominate in the space. Remember that the balance of the decoration is base on 3 colors or a color in various shades. A similar resource is to create an accent with wallpaper only on a wall. Creating a more attractive and original space. The secret is to know how to choose the color of the employee. And then combine it with the rest of the elements of the decoration.

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The available variety of color combinations allows you to easily incorporate an accent wall base on the current color palette you have on fabrics, artwork, rugs, cushions and other accessories in your home. To achieve a more harmonious appearance in your environment. Then try using the contrasting color of your choice in more than one place. Highlighting a wall is a simple way to achieve that harmony. And can create a splendid effect in your space. Regardless of your decision, remember that the key lies in the color.