Great Ideas for Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire

Jun 19th

Which woman does not like wearing jewelry, especially if there is a lot! And whether it’s expensive jewelry with precious stones or just a good jewelry – it all depends on the picture and a correct size dress. Typically, each of us loved these “treasures” accumulated a lot. But wise put them all on a shelf or dresser is difficult. For jewelers most women use all kinds of boxes. But if a lot of jewelry is difficult to quickly find the desired item. Here it may be useful very ordinary hanger! Old or new, wood or iron – it could very well serve as an organizer for wall mounted jewelry armoire. The most important thing – finding a suitable place for its location.

First of all, such an organizer for jewelry is very practical – all earrings hang in pairs and you will easily find the ones you need. Secondly, the organizer works for earrings as the original independent device of the wall. As a main material you can use embroidery canvas, mosquito net, wire mesh, perforated metal plate and the like. Place the grid in a baguette or frame and hang it on the wall. And it is with the help of a glass bottle, a slab and small hooks can be made not only a practical organizer but also a creative showcase for jewelry demonstration at the various exhibitions of handicrafts.

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For your jewelry you can always buy a special box or stand, but what if you have many different costume jewelry – earrings, bracelets and necklaces? Organizers for jewelry with their own hands will be the answer to the eternal question of how to store all the articles, so it would be easy to find the right one later. If you have been an extra grill from an old refrigerator, take some self-adhesive hooks and hang it on the wall. you get a great organizer for earrings! Materials for the realization of jewelry storage ideally large numbers, and very often they are just below the nose. Here for example, suspended shelves (stands).

It costs only a little “pokoldovat” over the shelf, and it is a favorite for decoration.  This possibility once again proves that from plastic bottles. You can make a wide range of practical and convenient for everyday items. If you like to collect different scratches and sticks during trips in the forest. It is a creative solution for you. Enough to paint with acrylic paint and sticks to drill a hole in a tree. For gluing can use wood and branches. Any mesh material is great storage of earrings.