Very Cozy Contemporary Curved Dining Bench

Jun 13th

In decoration, except on rare occasions, we tend to go to the simple, to the “normal”, to what everyone does, without stopping to think about other solutions. Solutions that do not have to be better or worse, are simply different and make your decoration out of the ordinary, make your decoration stand out from the rest. Today in here, I want to talk about a decoration that will make your dining room have that different touch. How would you like it if we replaced a couple of chairs with curved dining bench? It is a different way to see the dining table and thus increase the seating area. If we replace a couple of chairs with a bench we will surely have a place to sit down for our guests.

For example, it is a good solution for those who have a large family! Do you need to see examples of how this deco idea looks? We start with our Moment Inspiration! The ideas of mixing different types of seats , is increasingly fashionable! My advice is to use a neutral table, with straight lines and simple. Leaving all the protagonism to the different chairs. Different in style, shape and color. A white dining table with different types of seats, the bench, stools and the plastic chair in different finishes. Precious!

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If you like the wood finish , for the warmth it transmits, look at the next image. The result is a very cozy contemporary dining room with straight and simple lines. You can leave the bench in the area of ​​the wall , so those who sit in it have a place to rest. And look how nice it is if we decorate it with cushions … Precious! If you like rustic style or Provencal style , this deco is perfect. The following images can give you many ideas on how to combine the dining table in rustic wood, with the bench and chairs.

But a desk, and a modern dining table for that matter. Use a standard chair or stool as your seating affair. A picnic table and some other outdoor tables use benches instead of chairs or stools to seat people. Although common for the outdoors, an indoor table rarely uses a stool for place settings. Can you classify this as a table? By definition yes, although in today’s modern interior having bench seats anywhere in the home would be considered a great decoration move.