How To TV Wall Mount Ideas

May 5th

Factory makes a variety of TV wall mount ideas on a pedestal for use on a TV table or in an entertainment center or mounted on the wall. You can use a Samsung mounting kit or a kit from another manufacturer to mount your LCD TV on the wall. You can change the viewing angle of the TV with a wall mount to prevent glare and give a clear view of experience from different places in your entertainment room.

Fixed blanking bracket with the two screws in the bracket blanking the holes on the back of LCD TV. Use the holder ring if installing a wall mount kit from another manufacturer. Attach the wall bracket to the back of the TV. Measure the distance between the bottom of the TV and the underside of the bracket. Use a water pass to keep your measurement correct. Measure full height on TV and combine these measurements to mark on the wall where the center of the TV is at eye level when sitting down. Make sure that there is an electrical outlet on this wall or have one installed before installing the TV.

Use a control detector to find the center of two studs as the LCD TV will be mounted. Mark each bolt on the wall with a pencil. Use a water pass to ensure accurate measurements. Remove the wall bracket from the back of your LCD TV. Your assistant should keep the bracket level on the wall, using markings as you did in steps 3 and 4. Check the bracket with one level and then drill into the wall. Fit the screws (M4-by-L20 wood screw) on each side only halfway. Check the bracket one level again before fully inserting the screws.

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Hang the TV on the bracket with you and your assistants hold each end. Plug in LCD TVs and other devices that you will use with TV and check the level of TV one last time. Check if you use a sloping wall mount to mount moves and leans properly. The correct wall mount is important, whether you’re mounting a Samsung computer monitor or flat screen TV. Your instruction manual will specify the mounting kit used for your electronic device, but you need some other instructions to successfully wall mount your Samsung product. This project may take a couple of hours, and it is best to have someone to help you

Tips and warnings

You can drive your AV cables through the wall by cutting two small squares into the wall for the input and output of the wires.