Tasting Spoons: What Types Are There?

Jul 3rd

Knife, fork and spoon: These are basic elements of any cutlery. But there are many types of tasting spoons: different sizes, shapes and designs. Believe it or not, you can find them in many ways! What types are there? You can find many types of spoon, of different materials and in different ways, depending on what you are going to use it for! Basic spoon: this is typical spoon found in all cutleries. You cannot miss same spoons in any cutlery but in small size, for your dessert!

Tasting spoons of soup: this spoon is rounder and wider, which makes it perfect to enjoy soup of your pot that you have made with pressure cooker. Salad spoon: this type of spoon is large, so that you put them in bowl, and you can serve your salad on your plate, without any piece of lettuce escaping! Wooden spoon: this spoon is long handle and we use it to cook, either to prepare our soups or to remove what we have in our pot or pan.

Tasting spoons Metal: most are made of this material because they are easy to clean and material is more durable. Silver: everyone has a cutlery for special moments, and usually it’s silver. Many times, they are inherited from generation to generation, since they are a luxury. Wood : this type is a classic for cooking and serving our salads.

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