Stunning Monogram Napkins You Should Try

Nov 30th

We want to dedicate this entry to the monograms and we have tried to elaborate this small guide for all those who wish to include monogram napkins and tablecloths, giving the entire protagonist to the latter. The truth is that, from the simplest to the most complex (we can contemplate embroidered initials that are true works of art), napkins embroidered with initials bring a unique and special touch to any table and enhance the set as much or more than the rest of the components that dress her

The royal families began to use the monogram napkins, at the beginning, on their stamps, so that all their correspondence was perfectly identified. With the passage of time, they began to include their initials in their clothing and household goods. The splendor of the monogram does not reach the Victorian era with the rise of the bourgeoisie.

During this stage they begin to embroider clothing and home (as a way to identify clothes washed outside the home, and in the case of very large families who lived in the same house: to identify the garments corresponding to each member of the family). Over the years the monogram napkins is used as a way to personalize the trousseau, to give them a more special touch.

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