How to Strengthen Costco Sleeper Sofa

Dec 13th

Costco sleeper sofa are a must have items for almost every home. With a sofa bed, you can quickly create a room for those who may visit out of town. When your sofa bed starts to relax, it can be very unpleasant for friends and family who may have access to it.


Open the Costco sleeper sofa and pull up the mattress. Lift the mattress for your entire repair. Measure the frame of the sofa bed. Divide the plywood into three parts where the measurement of the frame for the entire sofa bed is equal. Drill three evenly spaced holes along one edge of two of your pieces of plywood. Drill three holes along both edges of your third piece of plywood that aligns with the holes in the other two pieces of plywood. The third part will go in the middle of the other two.

Place wood pieces on the floor so that the play with holes on each side is in the middle. Tip your thread through each set of holes to connect your wood pieces together. This allows your frame to fold easily. You should leave at least one inch of slack in the cable to give the pieces enough space to fold over each other. Trim some remaining cables sticking out and put the plywood on the flat sofa frame. Put your mattress back on top of your newly reinforced frame and test it by lying on the mattress. Fold up the Costco sleeper sofa to ensure that you have enough space between pieces of plywood for the bed to lay in the right way.

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