Comfortable and Charming Stainless Steel Bar Stools

Mar 31st

At present, there is a piece of furniture that has been making a big impact in the world of interior decoration trends and that taking advantage of its prominence, occupies positions in homes, which previously did not correspond to it. That undisputed piece of furniture of today, is the stainless steel bar stools. High and narrow seat made of different materials, often with footrests to facilitate comfort and rest. Normally associated with the bars of the bars, due to its structure in height, it is the perfect place where people settle to taste some delicious snacks and meet new people or in some old cafes, between talks and stories, it was the favorite place to engage friendship with who was the owner of the establishment.

But today their territory has expanded and it is no longer surprising. To see them in homes, providing their distinctive and functional touch? There are some kitchens that are spaces where the elements that are characterized by transmitting cleanliness. And also by hygiene to the naked eye predominate. This is the case of the one we see in the photo, a balance combination of dark wood on the floors. Then silestone countertops and important lighting that highlights the clarity and freshness of the environment. The leather and stainless steel benches with low but anatomical backrest are an invitation to this fullness.

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The combination of vibrant colors and a lot of presence is always a safe bet to create bold spaces with a unique touch of fun. In this living room , all the colorful notes are like details that give life to the whole of the decoration. In which the stone and the dark wood tend to take away the warmth of the environment. The red and blue sidewalks exchange freshness with the lively pots on the table. A generous breakfast bar welcomes us in this charming kitchen where pastel and soft tones sift the light.

Three patinated wooden benches with comfortable. And high backrests are the protagonists that provide a homely and welcoming touch to the environment. Who is reluctant to enjoy a Sunday morning of rich toast and an aromatic coffee in these inspiring high chairs. Who bets on simplicity in the furniture of your home. You can not fail to take into account this exquisite industrial stool. Elegant and innovative! Its original design makes it a safe decision when thinking about entertaining our living room, garden or kitchen with its combination of straight and curved lines.