Stainless Prep Table: Hygiene, Durability and Ease of Cleaning!

Jun 25th

The widest range of stainless steel furniture for professional kitchens on the market. A standard solution for a unique kitchen. Designed to optimize the space of your kitchen. With high quality industrial finishes that facilitate cleaning to ensure the essential food safety. Consult among the wide range of accessories to solve all your daily needs. We have a wide range of standardized measures for all types of stainless prep table. You will find multiple combinations that adapt to your work space. Design the professional kitchen of your dreams by combining the products and accessories of the largest range of static preparation on the market.

High durability, it is an investment that can last many years if properly cared for due to its stainless condition. And for being a very resistant material. Remember that the kitchen of a bar should be characterized by the ease of use and  also cleaning. And then, especially by the hygiene in order to provide your customers with quality products in the best possible conditions. Quality of the stainless steel used, remember that there are different types of stainless steel. Most work tables come with adjustable legs of hidden thread. This condition is required by the health authorities. Some also offer wheels for the possibility of moving the table, although it is not usual in a kitchen where the stability of it is very important.

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Wall-mounted stainless steel work tables. They usually have a kind of backing on the side that sticks to the wall to prevent food from falling behind the furniture. In addition, they can also be complete with table-top shelves to place condiments. Utensils or simply to keep the work area more tidy. Stainless steel is ideal for this purpose. And being the work tables an element of kitchen furniture so important. You should know how to acquire one that fits the needs of your business. Thinking about the type of use that you will give priority. And then, in the dimensions of the kitchen of the bar.

You have stainless steel work tables with lateral and inferior reinforcements for greater stability and durability. Even many models take advantage of the lateral and rear reinforcements. In order to install a tray in the lower part of the table at different heights for a better use of space. Some companies of work tables for bars offer the possibility of acquiring independent modules. Or already incorporated to the table of work as they can be the shelves, drawers, cutlery, hopper of bread, etc.