Stained Glass Window Panel Ideas

Jul 1st

Rate your window type. Windows is available in all sizes and shapes and styles, and stained glass window panel once was the norm. It has only one layer of glass (two surfaces), and you would only clean both the inside and the outside of the glass. Double glass windows were designed to give you better insulation. Keep your house cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. With double glass windows, you have two layers of glass (four surfaces) that have been sealed together around an insulating layer of air or argon or krypton gas. See it as a kind of sandwich, made of the two stained glass window panel and the filling of air or gas. Each closed device, or clogged pair of glass panes, fits wood or aluminum or vinyl frames.

Choose a sunny day (as it is easier to see stripes), spray the glass with the glass detergent in your choice, and simply wipe away the dirt. Work from top to bottom, for best results. Whether you have a double bow, arc style, awning or tilt windows, or another type, will determine how convenient you can clean it. Many modern windows allow facilitating the cleaning of both sides from inside the house, so you do not need ladders. (If you live in a high building, a professional cleaner is recommended!). It is likely that if you have double glass windows, you will be able to either tilt them or wipe them wide open to more effectively clean the available surfaces.

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For exteriors in difficult to reach windows, consider a window socket (Windex makes one, and there are others) that are supposed to be mounted on your garden hose. These can be sprayed on from the ground floor and left to dry. Use a razor to carefully remove stain from the glass if your windows have old dull color or others are difficult to clean stains. Your local hardware store can show a kind of razor designed as a tool specifically for this type of use. It comes shielded in a metal case, with a retractable blade. Look for shortcuts. Some windows have snap -in loose wood or plastic made, easily removed for cleaning. If so, carefully wipe out, clean larger squares below, and wipe off with a damp cloth.

Tips and warnings

Check with your window manufacturer before selecting ammonia as a cleaning agent. Some plastics, vinyls or other new materials in the window casing or Lode may require milder options. Vinegar and water are always a good choice. Careful! If you have to climb for a window wash ladder, choose the right for the job. Never rose at the very highest level (noticed one step), and always be sure the steps are properly placed on flat ground. When possible, work with a second person who can see you.