Spectacular Futon Sofa Bed with Storage

Jan 3rd

In the purest Japanese essence we find this tatami-based model in several modules, without the need for a bed structure, and with a large futon sofa bed with storage designed for a spectacular resting space. The tables are integrated into the surface of the tatami. A simple design in the purest oriental concept. Of this futon, stands out above the rest the head painted with ideograms and floral motifs. We see him loosen himself firmly from a bamboo pole that serves as a support. In a similar line we find this other articulated model that, unlike the previous example, offers a storage drawer under the sofa bed.

As you can see, the idea of ​​traditional futon sofa bed with storage evolves to give way to new concepts and address real needs. One of the characteristics of the tatami for futon is its versatility. We can place it in the layout we want, following the geometry of the room or breaking with it, as in this example. An easy and comfortable solution for feng shui lovers who seek the best orientation of the bed to facilitate rest.

The original idea of ​​the futon sofa bed with storage inspires other possibilities of use when there is not enough space available. The futon does not stop being because it adapts to a sofa bed. This comfortable sofa can be quickly converted into a comfortable bed thanks to a flexible wooden structure that once unfolded, very easily by the way, is hidden, achieving the resulting futon effect.

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