Spectacular Corner Entryway Bench Idea

May 7th

Look around. Do you see that narrow corner, the one that is empty? Yes, that, the one where you do not know what to put. That! It is the perfect space to put a corner entryway bench. What for? For a million things: to sit -this is the obvious-, to put books on top, to put cushions, a few pots … a bench always comes in handy. We bring you a few ideas to make one at home a very nice one. Look at these ideas! Making this bank so cool for the entrance of the house is very simple. You only have to join three wooden slats from behind with a metal piece, varnish them and screw four fork legs.

Of course, if you are looking for a low cost option, this idea is not yours: the fork legs are not particularly cheap … although the result is worth it. Very similar to the previous one is this bank that we made in hand a few months ago. Instead of making a seat with varnished slats, we use a rectangular board that we cover with foam and upholstered with a very colorful printed fabric. Much more fun and soft! And another example with fork legs. In this case, instead of upholstering the seat with a colored fabric, they have used brown leather to finish the bench. And it’s great.

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Of course, upholstery with this technique will make the bank a bit more complicated. How about? This is the example of how a simple touch can completely change a basic and cheap piece of furniture. With a basic wooden bench, without anything special, they have managed to make this bank creative and different. All they have done is staple a carpet of white hair to the seat. Proyectazo only suitable for the bravest hands. This DIY bench is made with square wooden slats screwed together and a jute seat. It’s difficult, sure, but the result is spectacular.

Idea for classic tastes. What do you think of this DIY bank with a very country chic roll? If your thing is rustic, traditional, this may be your choice. You can buy carved wooden legs like these … or recycle legs of old chairs to give a more irregular and vintage touch . How simple … and how practical. If in your house you do not know where to put more things but still want a stool, combine seat with storage space. A wooden board, four legs and three metal baskets form this bench with an industrial roll so cool. This, handmade, is not cheap: it costs more than 400 Euros!