Simple Cleaning Brown Leather Chaise Lounge

Mar 16th

The sofa or brown leather chaise lounge is usually one of the jewels of the houses. But this beautiful and elegant furniture can be a challenge to maintain in optimal conditions. Here we show you some tricks to take care of the sofa without damaging the leather. There are many different skin types, so it is important to know the material our furniture is made of since some types of skin cannot be washed. Before telling you these tips, we want to explain the differences between a natural leather chaise-longue and a synthetic leather chaise-longue.

In addition to the price, the former tend to be more expensive, since their quality is higher, the differences are marked by other factors. Thus, natural leather sofas or chaise-longue do not contain any synthetic component and over time and use, the skin changes its appearance, often darken, and are less durable. Synthetic chaise lounge chairs do not change in appearance. When caring for a leather sofa, the techniques or mechanisms change, depending on the type. Sofas upholstered in synthetic leather require less care.

Whether it’s a white, black or color leather chaise lounge. To keep it in the best conditions it’s important to take care of it and clean it regularly. Start by vacuuming to remove dirt and dust, ideally have a soft brush, since the leather is easily scratch. Do not forget the nooks and crannies. Put a few drops of soap with the neutral ph in a bowl of water. Dip a clean cloth in the solution, wring it out well and wipe the entire surface with it. With another wet cloth remove any remaining soap that may have remained. Dry with another cloth. In addition to this regular cleaning, it is advisable to treat it approximately every 2 months with a little neutral moisturizer and no odor.

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The best way to clean the stains of a leather chair, whether synthetic or natural. Is to lightly moisten a cotton cloth in water and wash the skin, without rubbing. If it is a persistent stain we can add a little neutral soap to the water. You have to let it dry little by little, the synthetic skin does it faster than the natural one. Do not use to dry external sources of heat. Synthetic modern leather chaise is more resistant to stains since it is more difficult to penetrate moisture, as it does in natural skin. In addition to the daily cleaning. It is convenient every two or three times a year to nourish the leather sofa. Thus we will give back its natural shine and softness.