Rustic Wood Platform Bed Design

Jul 7th

Do you want to test your manual skills by building your own rustic wood platform bed? For all those who still do not know what a platform bed is, it is an exciting old way of sleeping that incorporates a simple and elegant frame and only a mattress. These types of beds have been used in Europe, Scandinavia and Japan for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Platform beds can be made of metal or wood. If you are thinking of building one, you will surely be inclined to do it in wood. The bed is a very special place in any house and for anyone. Who does not need to feel comforted in their own bedroom? But also, especially in small environments, you should always try to make the most of the available space.

This beds-storage with rustic wood platform bed can solve the issue of the lack of space to store things, since they have practically an extra closet under them. In addition, they are very nice, and contrary to what it seems, they are not difficult to make, because in its structure several economic cabinets were used to build, similar to those that you can surely get in some big store in your city. This bed is constructed from 7 kitchen cabinets of different sizes that were previously purchased at a home supply store. These are cabinets that come unarmed and ready to assemble at home. With them a structure was built on which the mattress is supported. You can buy the cabinets that you like, build them, or use some that you already have.

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When you choose the cabinets that you are going to use, you will have to adapt the measures and steps of this tutorial to the materials that you have. Below you can see an outline with the dimensions that were used here. Arm each of the cabinets, according to the instructions. Locate the cabinets in the room forming the structure of the bed as you want it to be finished. Screw them together to make the structure stronger.

As you see in the images, place a wooden ribbon on the inside of the bed frame, and another on the wall, which will serve as beams to support the boards on which you will place the mattress. Put some central beams too. In the video at the end of the article you will be able to understand the process more clearly.  Mount the bed elastic with the wooden planks. Everything must be done with care, because the bed will hold a lot of weight. When the structure is ready, place the mattress on top, and decorate as you wish, for example, placing carpets on the steps.