Easy Rolling Under Bed Storage Drawers

Jun 12th

If you do not fit any more garments in the closet and you need space to store things, then look under the bed. You can take advantage of the space left to store what you want. Admittedly, we have all gone through that moment of disaster in our rooms where the easiest way to organize and store everything is by throwing rolling under bed storage drawers. The high beds with space between the mattress and the floor are perfect for storing objects or clothes, designing multiple drawers allow subdividing this space to make it more organized and usable.

If you like beds with a solid structure, you can choose to make the board where the mattress rests is a lid that you can open to keep extra sheets and blankets. You can keep throwing things under the bed, but do it with style. To make the most of every corner of the house you have to sharpen your wit. That’s why you should not waste the space offered by the bottom of the bed. We give you a few recommendations. We can place specific drawers to store clothes and accessories that do not fit into the closet. There is also the possibility of using baskets or plastic boxes.

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We are thus freeing space if we are able to store clothes from other seasons, shoes or accessories in bed. This gap will also be favorable for keeping the bed clothes, whether sheets or quilts. More luck will run those who have a bed with canapé . They will be able to raise it without problems to keep in it the clothes of other seasons and without the need to put it in boxes. Because it will not be stain as if it were place on the floor. The bedroom of the children of the house , the space under the bed is ideal for storing toys. In this way, we will avoid stumbling at each step with dolls, skates and other games.

In this way we will also be teaching children to be ordained from a very young age. But the hole that remains under the bed is not just for clothes. You can turn this corner into a small alternative library. We can place a kind of shelf between the floor and the base of the mattress. Which will give a touch of freshness and originality. It will be very useful especially for those who do not have a bookcase at home. Although it can also be given the role of magazine.