Elegant Reclaimed Wood Picture Frames

Apr 25th

The framing process is very fun and personal. With fine elegant frames you can achieve a beautiful decorative result. In a reclaimed wood picture frames the most important thing is what is inside, therefore the process of choosing the photos will be intense. Think about what memories and images you want to see every day. In addition to supporting photographs and memories, fine frames are simple decorative objects that, placed in style, can have endless possibilities. Everything depends on the style of each person, the room that is being decorated or even the mood of the moment.

Now that square photographs, such as Instagram, are so fashionable. We have found different ideas for making our own wooden frames. These are simple tasks of DIY or crafts, DIY style, we can do at home in an afternoon and give a new look to the decoration of our house. In addition, as we will see later, it has many possibilities of adaptation. For example, these frames are created through a wood plate , okume style, cut and painted later. Of course, if yours is not the saw. You can buy frames already cut out of wood in the shape of Polaroid and decorate them to your liking.

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Thin frames can be use to frame drawings or pictures. If we have a sheet that we like a lot. The ideal is to hang it in a very important part of the house with a fine frame. Thus, the attention will be exclusively take to the sheet. The fine frames of photos also serve to frame small memories that say something about each person and their life. A drawing made by a child, the entrance of a very significant concert or a postcard sent by someone important.

Another option is, starting from a wooden block , paste the photograph directly to the frame. And give it a layer of white glue to give it a varnished finish. In addition to protecting the image of the powder.  The last idea that we present is an adaptation of the first. Since what they have done in this case is to add a magnet to the back to be able to place them. For example, in the fridge. The possibilities of these wood frames means that we can paint them in different colors or decorate them with other elements. Such as washi tape , stickers, felt … You set the limits.