Classic yet Timeless Queen Size Loft Bed

Jun 26th

The queen size loft bed are a classic option for those who have only one room available. For example, for people who live in a studio apartment of fairly small size. As they create a lot of extra space. Free space left under these beds can be better utilize by storing different objects, such as a  walk-in closet; can also be used to locate a desk, a piece of furniture and receive a visit, as a corner for art or even as a fun area to watch TV or play video games. With this type of beds you can maximize space of any room, without wasting a cubic meter, interesting, do not you think? Let’s see what these tips are about and get inspired to get juice out of space under your bed!

Each time kitchens of apartments are smaller and situation is worse when it comes to kitchen of a studio apartment. In general, these have only 2 burners, an executive refrigerator, a dishwasher and a cabinet. However, architects of Ceetoo Architects were very creative and created a functional and very beautiful design. In it, you can see loft bed or “roof bed” in upper part of building, and just below it is a small kitchen, but well equipped and more comfortable. Thus, small room has two independent and well distributed rooms. Excellent for a university student or a person who just begins his career in another city!

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It is good that children from an early age develop study habits in an area specially designed for it. This will allow them to have a better adaptation to work and university routine in future. In this case, two beds are observe in same room and one of them is strategically arrange in upper part of room. So that remaining space below was use to create a study station with its respective desk, chair, and lamp. On other hand, remaining space on left side was ingeniously use to incorporate a shelf and closet. Truly very convenient!

Your son adores his cousin and asks you every week to let him sleep in house, obviously they want to play a lot and sleep in same room but you do not have enough space. Well this is solution for you! An additional bed for any possible guest never hurts; in fact it is very convenient. This model is very practical, functional and could go unnoticed. Best thing is that it includes enough space for closet, as well as a library on side. This model really maximizes space of room, while remaining cozy.