Easiest Platform Bed Ideas Diy

May 16th

Let’s face it, one of the most expensive things in our bedroom is the bed. With it we want to make our money. But at the same time we look for it to be modern, elegant and, in the best of cases, totally incredible! But what is the best way to do it without going outside the budget? The answer is simple: Do it yourself. Yes, you can build a bed that will rival those sold in high-end stores and save you a lot of money. And we have some ideas for platform bed ideas that you can try and save you a lot. With that you can save for the mattress. So be prepare for the tips that we have today. Because once you have one of these beds in your room, you will not want to leave the room again.

The size of the bedrooms is getting smaller and smaller. This means not only that there is less space for our beds. But that there is also less space for belongings. In recent years, several designers have searched for the best. And also most innovative ways to increase the storage of our bedrooms. And they got it! Using the place where there is always more space in a room, under the bed. One of the most effective ways to use this space is by placing drawers. Which will serve to store a good part of the clothes and also shoes if desired. These beds can be made using a simple structure design, adding drawers to the bottom.

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They can also use recycled boxes of pieces of furniture and adapt them to the size of the bed. Make sure that the base is strong enough to support the weight of the mattress, the people and the full drawers. One of the easiest bed bases to build is one made of pallets. The pallets have been use for decades for the delivery of the products to places. Such as supermarkets and points of sale.

It has only been, in recent times, that people have begun to recognize the potential of these elements as design materials. Then, pallet is a relatively strong element. Being design to support a considerable weight. This makes it an ideal material for use as a bed base.  To build a platform bed, simply find the right number of pallets to adapt to the size and height of the bed. Polish them if you want and paint them in your favorite color.