Oversized Cozy Chair for Interior Home

Jun 28th

When we want to renovate our spaces, re-decorate or make an antique sofa look more modern, nothing better than incorporating cushions. We can combine colors, textures, sizes and motifs and we can even make them ourselves with a little creativity. There are different models when choosing the cushions that we are going to use but, the most important thing is to take into account the dimensions of the space and the sofa where they will be located, the style of our furniture, the colors of the walls, the decoration and the accessories that we have to continue with the spirit and atmosphere of the place making the pillows can bring elegance and comfort.  In today’s book, we present different designs of oversized cozy chair that will help you to inspire you and decide which ones will be better in your living room.

Let’s see this wonderful living in blue and gray tones. Here, the presence of these few cushions generates movement and dynamism in space. They act as a link between the large carpet and other materials and textiles used and the set of armchairs. Without generating contrast, they accompany the range of colors chosen for the environment. The presence of color is essential to achieve the great presence that highlights this comfortable armchair. The work of art seems to have been created based on the sofa and cushions or vice versa.

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Warm, intense and bright tones give the touch that this gray armchair so much needed. To accommodate them, the symmetry of pairs is ideal if what we want is to generate balance and structure. Many times we do not know how to give that special touch to our spaces; we want them to look fun and modern but, we doubt when choosing which accessories will be better. The first thing we have to do is to think about what style of furniture we have. How our walls are, what color predominates in the environment, how are the textures that stand out.

Once we understand what we need according to what we see. It is time to reinforce the spirit of the place with small details that can make big differences, as we see in this case. Undoubtedly, the protagonist of this space is this large circular armchair of white rattan. It is the center of the space, it generates a focus, it is the center of attention and the pillows could not go unnoticed. In yellow, blue and blue tones; they accompany the circular movement of the design and give a tropical air to the whole environment.