Making Rustic Platform Bed

Mar 15th

Rustic platform bed support mattresses without the help of bulky box springs. The split versions allow the air to reach the underside of the mattress; preventing mold and moisture build up. Solid platform beds can sometimes hide a storage space below, just like a captain’s bed. Recycled materials such as pallet wood, angle iron and wood or reinforcement iron posts from buildings allow you to create an environmentally friendly bed that holds useful or bulky items from landfills and prevents further deforestation.


Do not allow eye protection, hearing protection and a NIOSH-approved respirator. Gives each end of all four 2-of-2-inch angular iron to 45 degrees, using a hack saw with cutoff wheels. But the oblique ends of all four parts of the angle iron together to form an 84-by 72-inch rectangle, with one of the 2-inch legs each point pointing to the ceiling and the other leg pointing towards the center of the rectangle. Don a welding helmet, welding gloves and full leather. Weld along all oblique seams with a 110-volt gas-free MIG. Turn the result angle bar frame the right side upwards. Place the 2-for-1/2-of-72-inch pieces of bar steel over the frame every six inches, so the ends are level with the 84-inch-long sides of steel bed frame, and weld all bar bars in place.

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Turn the bed frame up and down again with its angle iron “legs” pointing to the ceiling. Place 24-inch-long, 3-inch square pieces of steel tube in each corner of the bed frame and weld them in place. These are the legs on your platform bed frame. Wipe all welds smoothly and remove any degrees along all surfaces of the bed frame and legs using a 24-grid grinding wheel on a 4-inch right angle grinder. Repeat with an 80-grid flap wheel. Give the entire bed a brushed finish using a coarse thread wheel on a right angle grind, followed by a fine thread wheel. Apply 05:57 rock rustproofing clear splash enamel, which allows the entire platform bed frame to dry between each painting.

Place the bed frame on top of the 24-inch-long, 4-inch-square wooden posts so that a level of service at each corner. Drill 1/8 inch pilot diameter hole through the frame and into the posts, 2 inches apart diagonally. Attached bed frame to the posts uses half-inch diameter, 3-inch-long brass wood screws. Sand entire bed frame uses roughly through extra-fine grinding belts. Apply five rocks clear acrylic wood sealants, allowing too dry between rocks.

Tips and warnings

These directions make a California King platform bed frame. To make other size frames, Platform Beds Online recommends that you use the following lengths for steel or wood pieces that you use to create your frame: