How to Make Garage Apartment Kits

Jan 14th

Garage apartment kits – Frequent guests, a teenager who wants more independence or cares for a parent, can all these situations justify the need to add an extra room at home. When you make a garage apartment, you can create this extra space without having to build an extension to your home or move to a new home with more rooms. Garage apartments give the space of caring privacy and comfort he needs without being far away from you.


Clean the garage apartment kits for all contents. This includes loosening all the shelves from the walls. Dust the walls. Patch and wash the cement floor. Patch the floor by brushing a concrete bonding fluid into the hole before pouring enough cement into it to fill it. When the concrete is dry, sweep and wash the floor with a household floor cleaning solution. Install the insulation over the walls before attaching wall panels or plywood over the walls of the garage. Use two and four and wall panels or plywood to build walls, create a small bathroom in the corner of the garage.

Lay down a floor. The floor can be made of bamboo, wood, carpets, tiles or linoleum. But consider using a floor material that is durable and scratch resistant such as tile. Paint walls and ceilings using roles. Install vanity, sink, toilet, shower, mirror, towel bar and door in the garage apartment kits the bathroom of the apartment. Install the sink, counter, cabinet and refrigerator on the side of the garage opposite the bathroom so that you can still access the home’s existing plumbing. Install luminaires such as pendant or ceiling lamps in the kitchen, the bathroom and main area garage the apartment.

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