Make a Wood Pallet Bed Frame

Jun 28th

A bed is one of the most expensive furniture and making a wood pallet bed frame yourself is a very good solution. No bedroom is complete without a bed and more and more we see beds made of pallets. DIY pallet bed with storage cheap and easily available. Ideal if they want to make a bed and pallet themselves. You can buy pallets in different shapes and sizes, the most famous is the Euro pallet. A pallet bed can easily be disassembled and re-made, so you can let your furniture change with your interior.

Pallets are used for all sorts of interesting and useful diy pallet bed frame projects. For example, wood pallets instead of a box spring are often used for making types of bed frames. Nightstands and all sorts of other things. There are several advantages which come with using pallets. Not everyone is a born carpenter. Pallets are generally not very difficult to arrive. You can often collect them for free via Marktplaats or your local goods transport company.

You can make a pallet bed with lights yourself and we have made a small idea about how to make the best of your pallet bed. Your pallet bed is made of wooden planks that are supported by the headboard. You can lay your mattress flat on the bed, and for extra comfort in your bed, you use pillows, lots of pillows.

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Wood Pallet Bed Frame Instructions:

  1. Measure your mattress, as the bed must fit underneath. A slightly larger pallet frame is not bad but too small is not good.
  2. Not all pallets have the same size as your mattress, saw/screw / screw the pallets to size so that you have pieces that are so large that they fit under your mattress.
  3. Make sure that a number of pallets stand upright and screw these pallets onto the stack of pallets that you have already laid down for your mattress. These upright pallets serve as a headrest. Here you can nail lists, add nice accessories to make this bed your own.
  4. Sand the whole bed with coarse sandpaper so that there are no splinters or sharp edges attached to it. Then sand the whole bed with fine sandpaper, so good that if you step out of bed with your legs you will only feel a soft bed and no hard wooden bed with sharp pieces.
  5. Is your whole bed assembled? Then place your mattress, pillows, and blankets on it and you can fall asleep on your own made pallet bed.