Klik Klak Futon: Practical for Small Space

Jun 19th

Klik klak futon is a practical piece of furniture that we can install in the studio, or in the living room, using it as a sofa during the day, and adapting it as a bed when some circumstance so requires; for example, when we have views. Or, we can also use it in the bedrooms, if we do not have much space, or we want to see them clear. In addition, sofa beds have a certain aesthetic autonomy, as it does not require accessories or additional decorative elements to stand out.

Its compact shape is suitable for modern designs, attractive and elegant with them. In this report we present some unique models, which you will surely love. Regardless of its versatility, the klik klak futon, chaise longue, or any of its variants, is a trend in interior design. A manifestation of modern and libertarian life. There is no depa bachelor (who like style and good taste) or respected study that does not include a sofa bed. The model that we appreciate in photography meets the hundred with that aesthetic claim.

A design that fits in with the modern decoration of the space, harmonized with furniture of geometric shapes, which resorts to the perfect combination of black and white, nuanced with neutral colors, such as straw green and gray. A space with a sophisticated air, where the klik klak futon is the star.

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