Ideas for Mirror End Table

Jun 16th

Mirror end table – If you live in small apartment and many of the spaces you would like them to be multi functional to be able to enjoy the maximum of an apartment with all the comforts. In a small space, it is always useful to have multi-functional furniture that can be folded when necessary. Converting your living room into a dining room or your bedroom in a study area are necessary solutions. This DIY is perfect for this, a mirror table, or a folding table to eat. Or study that when you do not need it becomes a beautiful wall mirror that does not occupy anything. And also embellishes your home.

Many types of tables can have a mirror surface and visual interest is added to any room. Decorating a mirror table, however, can be a challenge, since you do not want to completely cover the top or mirror screen elements that will create an unattractive reflection. With a careful selection of items and their placement, you can make the most of a mirror table. Display candles on the mirror table. Create arrangements of pillar candles and tea candles that are placed directly on the surface of the table or placed in a glass or glass tray. Place conical candles in decorative candlesticks or candlesticks and put them on the table. When lit, candlelight will bounce off the main table with a mirror, adding light and romance to space.

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Set cut glass figurines, bowls or glasses on the table. When the light of the room hits the cut crystal, they refract and bounce off the mirrored surface. Place a small floral arrangement on the table. Set the flowers in a decorative glass, crystal, porcelain or sterling silver glass. The mirror will allow you to see the lower face of the flowers, creating the impression of multiple flowers.

Now we will hang the boards on the wall in such a way that they can then be opened and closed, for this we will use two metal hinges that join the wall with the wood. With the concrete drill, make the holes in the wall, insert the appropriate dowels and screw the hinges. Fold the surface of the table and place two L-hooks to the right and to the left of the table. These locking hooks are for the table to be held vertically on the wall. A few hooks that you can turn like the hands of the clock so that the board of the table is released and the legs of the table can be lowered.