Create a Sophisticated Gold Canopy Bed

Apr 18th

I understand that types of gold canopy bed were designed for practical purposes trying to protect their users from mosquitoes, parasites or insects. For that reason they were incorporated, hanging from the four pillars, one in each corner, curtains or curtains that. In addition, could perform the function of shelter. Because they kept a thousand wonders a warm temperature in the bed. At that time, owning a four-poster bed was a sign of belonging to a rich or noble stratum of society. Because together with the enormous dimensions that these beds possessed, a characteristic that made them unviable for the more modest classes.

They also used to be carve in noble woods and even adorn with jewels and precious stones. The fabrics that they used for their confection were, in turn, very expensive. Such as silks, brocades, damasks or fabrics richly embroidered with gold and silver threads. Materials that only a privileged few could acquire. With the appearance of heating, the canopy came to play a more decorative than functional. Although in areas of warmer climates, canopies continue to be very useful against insects.

Nowadays, the modern canopy bed fulfills more of a decorative function that contributes to the traditional and elegant aspect of the bedroom. Likewise, we grant them a romantic characteristic that does not seem strange to them. Hence, in many hotels they incorporate them into their rooms, trying to recreate a sophisticated, tasteful atmosphere. Very much in keeping with stays in which guests will enjoy their honeymoon or a romantic getaway. It is interesting to know that the canopy can be adapt to almost any type of bed. And the result obtained will depend to a large extent on the textiles used to decorate it.

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We must not forget that it is preferable that the bedroom where we are going to install this type of bed is high ceilings. As these offer more visual possibilities and allow the choice of heavier fabrics. However, if this is not your case and, on the contrary, your home has low or conventional ceilings. You can choose to adapt the canopy to the wall as a crown on the headboard of the bed. And, if after a while, you tired of it, you can dismantle it without problems. In this case it is advisable to use lighter fabrics such as gauze, tulle, muslin that create a lighter, mysterious and romantic visual appearance.