Look Elegance Glass Shelving Unit

Jun 11th

Today we will show you some beautiful design ideas as you can see in the images it is wooden or glass shelving unit in home that are precious in any room. The shelves are not only for book lovers they can also be a perfect decoration for the living room with modern design. Add to this the fact that the shelves are not there because filling them with books only allows you to have a fresh platform that allows you your precious possessions and memories. A floating shelf has to be support directly from the walls. Why not from the ceiling? These Colombians have been very creative and willing shelves type boxes that are suspended to give color and character to the office.

So what type of shelf do you prefer in your living room or bedroom? Most designers and homeowners tend to gravitate towards, floating shelves mount on the wall that leave more room for cabinets for example. The twenty-five beautiful designs we have today offer just this and much more. As they promise a lovely mix of aesthetics and ergonomics. You will find some original ideas of very thin design shelves that can be use almost anywhere are very easy to move and take up very little space.

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They can serve you perfectly to put them on top of the television creating a focal point in the room. We present ideas of wooden shelves that move away from the common designs of shelves. And also ideas in transparent glass that offers a delicate and elegant alternative. For example, the professionals of “muebles flores torreblanca” present us with this sculptural beauty. Because to tell the truth, seeing a shelf that looks like this is something impressive. It is made of glass and mirrors, giving it elegance, distinction. And also shine only with this material, are not it original?

We also present you some beautiful wavy variants that are perfect even for the bathroom. For those who need much more than a simple. And discreet shelf we have large shelves to decorate your room with customizable sliding wooden doors. And can be use in many ways. The glass shelves with bright LED lights are impressive. They are almost magical and make any space happy. They would look amazing in a bathroom, a bedroom or living room, where they could shine (literally) as a center piece. Not only are they functional. They could be confuse with a work of modern art. Now we let you review the following images.