How to Fix a Spicy Anthropologie Bed Frame

Jun 13th

The anthropologie bed frame that supports your mattress and the spring box often goes unnoticed for several years, until that day you will have to move. You separate the frame, move it and put it together, just too quickly forget it again. Bed frames are available in two basic forms. One type folds the upper and lower rails against the sides after removal of fasteners. The other, integrated with a bedside table and footboard, relies on hooks in the side rails that connect with a plate or a set of sticks. Dismantling both types is a simple procedure.


Remove all loose cross beams that are not permanently connected to the anthropologie bed. Set them aside. If the bed frame uses folding cross beams, they are riveted in the frame and should not be removed. Loosen and remove the screws and nuts that hold the two halves of the bed frame together. Many manufacturers use wing nuts for your convenience, but you can also encounter common nuts that require an open end or shear wrench. Fold in cross beams against the rail. Keep nuts and bolts in a zippered storage bag tied to one of the frame beams.

Main Gable and Footprints Frames

Remove all loose cross beams not attached to frame beams with fasteners. If crossbars are screwed or bolted to the rail, use the correct wrench size or screwdriver size to remove fasteners. Lift the side hooks from the pocket or plate where they are held. Have a helper keep your footsteps and headgear while lifting your rails away. This will prevent hardware from bending if one of the heavier parts will overturn. Store the hardware in a zipper bag and tape it to one of the rails.

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The weather causes wood to swell, resulting in gnash that was not there before a change in the weather. Handling a noisy wooden bed frame is frustrating when the knee wakes you up from a good sleep. Stick your head under the pillow of water? Will not solve the problem. Isolate the noise by swinging the frame to find the rubbish. Two people can get this done quickly if a person rocks the frame and the other person locates the noise. Tighten all screws that are loose. Rock the bed and listen to the sparkle. Remove the screws and spray with a lubricant. Replace the screws and rock the bed and listen for any sparkle.