Dreamed Of Having a Wicker Porch Swing

Jun 15th

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to cuddle up and be in your own world? What better place to do this than in a wicker porch swing? A hanging chair not only serves a useful purpose, but is also glamorous, original and gives a touch of color to any interior or exterior of the home. We have all dreamed of having a swing in our garden. Unfortunately, there are many who do not have a small piece of green where to install a large sofa swing or a hammock type coconut tree, where to spend the afternoon in the sun. But, let’s not fall into a depression!

We have the perfect solution: to integrate a hammock inside our home. In this post we will visit rooms, heights and various types of sophisticated rocking chairs in which to swing at your leisure. When we talk about swings and children, all of us remember that swing that our father made in the country. All you needed was a rope, a tire and a tree:  the recipe for happiness. Now we propose you to hunt this country dream and move it to the bedroom or playroom of the little ones. They print a funny touch, and, without a doubt, they will make the stay special and magical.

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We already have an age and maybe we’re a bit embarrassed to admit it, but we also love swings! For this reason, we launch the challenge of installing them in rooms such as living rooms or double bedrooms. Opt for the same type of swings that we showed you for the kids and create your little amusement park (there are even other uses). A small board and a rope anchored to a beam or to the ceiling and to balance ourselves! The most commonly used materials are: wood, iron and plant materials such as wicker or bamboo. They also exist in different ways: round, bubble or bubble, egg type, nest, sofas, etc.

The choice of one or the other will depend on its location and the decorative style of it. In this section we show you the bamboo ones. Ideally, the desired effect is to have a wide area, but they are also excellent in reading nooks. The truth is that the sofa is great, it catches you, and it envelops you . But what about the sensation of hanging while you enjoy the fireplace or watch television? Made in special plastics. The hanging bubbles are not only suitable for the living room; these designs can also be found in children’s areas with spectacular results.