Diy Owl Wall Decor Clock Custom

Dec 6th

Owl Wall Decor – Making this simple but very decorative wall clock will not cost much and you will have a beautiful decorative and practical object to hang on any wall of your house. A nice watch in scrapbook style, a very current trend that has all the charm of pastel colors and floral designs. We prepare our work area protecting it with old newspapers or any other similar protector.

We read the wooden owl wall decor silhouette lightly and remove the dust with a damp paper towel. We extend the paper we are going to use as a base on top of the work zone. We apply glue on the paper and place the wood on it, it must be well dry. We turn it over and with the help of a plastic spatula or a credit card we go over the surface of the paper so that no bubbles remain. We cut the excess paper with the cutter. We cut the wings with the other decorated paper and stick them to the sides of the figure.

Make the center of the figure with the help of a rule, mark, and drill with the drill and the appropriate drill for the axis of our owl wall decor clock machinery. Make sure before the needles do not protrude from the figure, it must be taken into account when buying the watch machinery. We installed the clock machinery on the back of the figure.

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