Decoration Hog Panel Deck Railing With Some Items

Jun 18th

Hog Panel Deck Railing – Take the time to make your roof railing an outstanding structure by adding decorative elements. This can include decorative pieces end caps on the posts of the handrail on the left, right and corners to the LED lighting strips installed below the top and the horizontal boards in the background to light and enjoy the terrace at night. Add wood trim to the side edges of the railing, decorative wood, or panels of wrought iron artwork.

Determine the area where the hog panel deck railing will be built. Measure the width, from edge to edge of the railing that should extend. Divide the number of measurements by 12 to determine the remaining feet and inches. Draw a design on paper, marking a space for a 4 by 4 post at the edges. Assign where you will place the finishing touches, such as end caps, wood carvings or lighting. Place a pre-gear post of 4 x 4 in each corner of the cover.

Measure the width of each perimeter zone of the roof and divide the measurement by 72 to determine how many of 4 by 4 pre-notch hog panel deck railing posts you will need. Space posts 6 feet from the end posts at the corners. If the width measurement is less than 6 feet, you do not need an additional 4-by-4 position. Mark the floor of the deck with chalk to refer to the position of each position 4 by 4.

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