Creative Bed Crown Canopy

Apr 16th

The princess’s room would not be complete without a crown on the bed. Adding a bed crown canopy is a wonderful way to personalize your daughter’s bedroom. It is remarkable that you can create a chic and magical complement to a room so simple and inexpensive. With a few yards of fabric, some leftover plates and some pieces of molding will create a bedroom for a princess. Your girl is guaranteed to feel like royalty. Want to make like this? Well, starting by determine the size, shape and dimension of the crown. This will be located directly above the headboard on the roof.

Locate the ceiling placement of the joists. The horizontal joints that provide support for the ceiling and wall to wall. Most houses are built with roof beams set 16 or 24 inches apart. Choose a corner of your room and measure from there with those increases. Touch the roof surface. If you hear a solid sound, they are hitting on a beam. If you hear a hollow sound, you are right next to the mark. Another way to locate the joists is to use a stud locator. Cut three pieces of wood to use as your support for the crown of diy bed crown. Nail to the roof beams, creating a shape of the box against the wall.

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Cut the desired length of the fabric. Allow enough for a lower 2-inch hem and staple to the box you created. Basic the fabric around the sides and the front of the box. Create creases or pick up only the material uniformly on the front and both sides as of the staple. This creates an appearance of fullness. Cut three pieces of trim for the outside of your box. It will pull the molding around the fabric and support box, creating an elegant casing. Use a power or hand miter box cuts to 45 degree angle saw at the ends of the molding crown.

Allowing the corner edges of the molding to fit exactly. Paint the crown molding. Fit three pieces of moldings to the roof beams with nails. Countersink all nails using a nail. This tool sinks the nail lightly into the wood. Use wood putty to fill the holes and holes in the corners of the press molding. Giving an impeccable appearance. Allow the dry wood putty, lightly sand and make a final touch up with paint. Arrange the fabric until falls freely and naturally around the head of princess crown canopy. tips at your local home improvement store.