Concrete Garden Bench to Enjoy the Good Weather

Jun 20th

It is time to go out and enjoy good outdoor company, and today we will show you some models of benches for garden and terraces. For those who want to spend a pleasant moment surrounded by nature we present a comfortable bench created from cement blocks in the garden. For your construction you will need a board and some blocks of wood. This DIY bench built with concrete blocks can be made in just a few minutes, as if it were shelves for university students. We will see that concrete garden bench is the best choice for the placement of seats for a large number of guests saving space. See them all and take ideas to furnish your own garden. Integrated construction banks are a fairly durable option.

One of the greatest advantages offered by materials such as cement or concrete is that of resistance. It does not matter the weather conditions to which it is exposed; Our bank will always be ready for summer and we can always cover it with cushions and colorful cushions . Our second proposal for garden benches is undoubtedly wood. Thanks to its greater flexibility, it can be mold in different ways, being also a very resistant material. To preserve its appearance for longer, we should only treat it with the appropriate products. It turns out that currently in many gardens have incorporated banks and also bleachers that mix the aforementioned materials.

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We found solid base structures of cement and on them, benches and backs made from slats or sheets of wood. In this way it has been know to combine the hardness of the cement for the support areas. And the softness and warmth of the wood for direct contact with people. As for the designs, these usually vary depending on the specific garden and its available space. A great idea is to build structures for banks in those corner areas or on the edges of the garden.

These ways we will have perennial seating areas while we will have reserved the central part for free movement and other furniture. Another interesting seat, in this case with backrest. That can be place in your garden . For your creation you will need some cement blocks and wooden poles. One of its advantages is that you do not need tools to create it . Although wooden blocks can be heavy this project is very easy to do. And it does not take too long to finish.