How to Comfortable Modern Crib Bedding

Jun 14th

Modern crib bedding can be unrealistic expensive, so converting a no-longer-used baby’s crib to a child bed is a handy solution for a growing family. Conversion is simple and very cost effective. With some simple tools, patience and some basic construction skills, anyone can put together a safe child’s bed. The hardest part of this process will probably teach your child to stay in the new bed all night.


Remove the mattress from the crib frame. Remove the crib front shine by following the instructions for your specific crib. Many cribs are held together with screws that can use a wrench for removal. Slide the mattress rails to the lowest position. Place the mattress back on the frame. Attach the modern crib bedding to the crib frame, if desired. Most rails and cribs have prepared holes. Unscrew the holes and loosened screw 38 mm Allen bolts in each rail to hold them in place. The bottom of each rail has an L-shaped hook that slides under the mattress. Cover the mattress with sheets and linens. The same bedding you used with the crib will still fit.

Tips and warnings

If you own convertible modern crib bedding, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to convert the crib into a child bed.

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