Build Outdoor PVC Pool Towel Storage

Jun 22nd

A pool towel storage aid, or the frame, must be waterproof and robust to withstand water, chemicals, and its constant use. A pool towel camera aid should also have four or more arms to hold wet towels and a solid base to keep it upright when the towels are torn off. A suitable material for this is PVC pipe since it is a durable plastic that is readily available and cheap. A do-it-yourself can make a good rack of pool towels in an afternoon. Each pool owner has towels a pile of towels. And during the summer seem to increase. To solve the problem of sunning once and for all, build this project towel rack from PVC ordinary pipe.

The frame can contain eight full-size beach towels, and, as a bonus, he corrals all the pool noodles and floats. Sand the cut ends of the PVC pipes to remove plastic debris or burrs. Wipe with antistatic cloth to remove dust. Place the lengths of two feet of pool towel racks in the four holes of a five-way connector that are in the same plane. The pipes must form an X shape with the fifth connector hole perpendicular to the X. Place an end cap on each of the free ends of the four tubes that make up the X. Now you have the base of the towel camera aid.

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Place the base on the floor so that the empty hole of the connector points upwards. Insert a length of four feet of PVC pipe into the empty hole. The four-foot pipe section forms the stem of the towel racks free standing. Place a cross connector on top of the four-foot pipe. There should not be an empty hole in the transverse connector pointing up and two holes pointing in opposite directions perpendicular to the four-foot section of pipe. Insert a length of two feet of PVC tubing into each of the transverse connector holes that point to the sides. Place a terminating stop at the end of each of these tubes.

Now you have the lower level of the outdoor towel racks arms. Insert a length of one foot of PVC tube into the last hole of the transverse connector. So the camera aid will towel one foot higher. Place a three-way connector on top of this section of the tubing, making sure that two of the openings point toward the sides of the trunk of the towel camera. Also, make sure that the two side openings of the connector are perpendicular to the cross connector.