Brown Living Room Ideas to Achieving a Cozy Atmosphere

Apr 29th

Are you thinking about changing the color of the walls of your living room? Today we show you some ideas to decorate brown living room ideas. A neutral tone that has a great variety of nuances and that can make your space an elegant, warm and familiar place. The brown color represents nature, the earthly, is firm, stable and conservative. A room with brown walls gives us the feeling of being in a stable, casual and also organized environment. It is related to family, union and protection. It is the color of the wood. And then, we can observe it in wall coverings, achieving a cozy atmosphere. We can define the predominant area or focal point of the room by painting it in dark brown. And then, decorating it with a central work of art that combines with the rest of the elements.

A single dark wall can harmonize without darkening the environment. The light tones like the white and gray of the rest of the walls balance this dark tone. Applying an intermediate range of brown is ideal for those who seek to provide a bit of formality to the modern room. We see that it is decorated in several neutral tones. Lighter walls, soft camel sectional sofa and furniture in natural wood with a shiny finish. To create visual interest in our room we can incorporate niches or shelves framed in white with focused lights in each space instead of placing a picture or a mirror.

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A modern room looks organized and also elegant. One way to add more warmth is to create a subtle contrast without breaking the harmony of the environment including small areas of the wall in brown. In this design, both ends of the central wall implement two large wall niches. Its complement the beautiful design of the fireplace. The walls in these colors and under the modern approach generally include furniture in other neutral tones and other ranges of brown.

The entertainment center, shelves or bookshelves usually have the same shape, with a linear, light appearance. And the same material so as not to break the decorative scheme. The coffee table can make a difference in relation to the type of finish and the shape. For example, the glass surface or an ottoman. The brown color combines with almost all the other colors. But you have to use them sparingly to give you the modern look we are looking for. Adding small doses of color in paintings, decorative pillows, a sofa, carpet. Or ornaments will bring more joy to the environment.