Blue Living Room Ideas Themes Design

Jun 27th

Blue is a color that combines freshness and elegance at the same time. It is the key to creating a relaxing, clean and classic environment. If the strident colors do not go and we want our blue living room ideas to be a space in which we can sit and chat quietly, blue is your color. Below we will see an assortment of living rooms decorated in this wonderful color that can inspire you. Here the blue color has been combined with some gray and wood to create a very pleasant classic space. A color like the yellow of this sofa also turns out to be a magnificent companion for the blue color in this room.

In this bright living room, a gray blue living room ideas background is perfect and combines beautifully with the gray upholstery of the furniture. The pastel colors of the blue color are perfectly accompanied by bright and vibrant colors. Light wood and beige are good complements for this light blue wall. In addition, touches of turquoise color revitalize the set. As we know, pillows are a simple and practical way to introduce any color in our decoration. Once again we see how the brown, here accompanied by white, is perfect with the blue. The color blue and yellow also forms a combination that never fails. It gives us life and a lot of light when it comes to light tones.

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The wicker armchairs fit very well in this cool room with light blue walls. The carpet acts as a link between the vertical and horizontal part of the room. The walls painted blue are excellent to create a relaxed and peaceful blue living room ideas atmosphere. When combined with white or gray, the blue color acquires an elegant and sophisticated character. In this traditional room, we see how important it is to connect the color of the walls with the rest of the furniture and accessories. Yellow and black, as we see here, are also good allies for the turquoise blue of these walls.

When we use a very clear shade of blue we can treat it as if it were a neutral tone. The floral prints used in the textiles of this living room combine very well with the light blue of the walls thanks to including a small blue touch. We can also use the color blue in our living room to add some notes of color that contrast with the neutral tones of the decoration. We have compiled a series of ideas to decorate blue living rooms with a blue sofa. So that after buying your sofa and installing it in the living room of your home. You will know how to continue with the rest of the decoration.