Great and Fun Idea Black Porch Swing

Jun 22nd

Today we propose a great and fun idea to decorate the porch. How? With a hanging black porch swing for the whole family. Give a twist to the terrace and make the porch the favorite corner for this summer! Summer is here and the high temperatures have been with us for days. Therefore, it is the ideal time to start thinking about original ideas to decorate the porch, decorate the terrace and the outdoor areas of our house. The truth is that there are many different options that can work very well when decorating, but we must not forget that it is also important to know how to take advantage of the spaces to get the most out of the area to decorate. The truth is that the idea is great and will not require great efforts, changes and works.

You simply need the space needed to install it. If you are already planning to decorate the porch with one of these swings, take a look at the catalogs of decoration stores because most offer several models. Choose which one you choose; it is a perfect option to decorate the porch with the latest and with a very trendy style. But beware! The guests will love it and will not want to get up! The first one is a swing with a fixed structure (it is not hung from the ceiling), an unblemished white color and decorated with sailor striped cushions. Apt to…? Spacious spaces, houses on the beach, porches or terraces decorated with wood and gardens with views.

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And secondly, a hanging swing like the one that, sure, you have seen in some American movie. Of those made of wood, hanging from the ceiling, with metal chains. The classic porch swings. A trick? Create a differentiated space on the porch by placing a wicker mat under the swing. It will be something like a room (without walls) where you can read and cool off in summer. Best part is that you can make a swing yourself. A fairly simple DIY available to everyone and for which you will only need a couple of chains and an old bank. How is it done?

It consists of cutting the legs to a wooden bench and then putting the supports with chains. We recommend you make a hole in the armrests (as you can see in the picture) and pass them through a reinforcing ring. Another possibility would be to place the sofa or bench without legs on a wooden base, which will be the part in which the chains or the chosen supports are hooked, to leave the bench suspended on the air.