Best Organizer Stackable Storage Cubes

Mar 30th

Modular stackable storage cubes are designed to be used either as a single cube or as stackable cubes in a set. Creating a storage cube is quite simple, even for those who do not have much experience to work the wood. Once you have built a bucket, you can easily do more to create custom storage to help organize cabinets. Add storage in the bathroom not even for use as a shelf unit or on the decoration screen. Miter (angled cut) two opposite sides of each of the square planks of lumber.

The angle should be 45 degrees on each side. With the angles facing inward so that when all angled edges are engaged. A storage cube shelves with 90-degree corners is form. Sand all the pieces of wood with sandpaper, and then dust them with a soft cloth. Apply a thin line of glue to all the beveled edges of the tables, then form them with a paired mating edges. Use the clamp to hold all the pieces together while the glue dries: around 2 to 3 hours, or as stipulated by the instructions on the glue bottle. Drive finishing nails 6, spaced evenly, across each end side of the hub through the glued joint.

Stagger the placement of the nails on each side of the joint to prevent hammering on a nail from the other side of the hub. Lightly sand over the nail holes and dust with a soft cloth. Paint the cube, inside and out, with a brush. Paint with the grain of the wood in constant and even. If you want a storage cube furniture without backing, then your first modular cube is finish. Otherwise, you have to attach a copy of one of the open ends of the cube. Turn the cube so that the open end that you want to be the back of the cube is facing up.

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Center the square of plywood over the open end, then go back in place with finishing nails every 4 inches around the edge of the plywood at the ends of the wood storage cubes. Paint the plywood the same color as the cube. Place the modular storage system on top of a piece of cloth on a flat surface. Remove the doors and drawers. Knobs and handles Unscrew and set aside. Use medium grain sandpaper to create a smooth texture on the surface board of the furniture. A little bit of smooth texture will allow the primer to adhere to the slippery board. Use a mild cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface of the storage system. Completely remove dust and grease.