Bamboo Curtain Panels: Will Bring Warmth!

Jun 21st

Blinds bamboo curtain panels are ideal to place on terraces or galleries of any modern home, stays or nautical rustic style dining also to give a new and different facilities air. They are roller shutters of wood that will bring warmth to environment, as well as being very showy and simple at same time. In video we show you easy placement of bamboo rolling shutters: they are installed. Bamboo blinds or roller blinds of bamboo are one of alternatives of our online store in case you are looking for wooden blinds. Both for its warmth and for passage of external light that guarantees us, this blind model has become one of favorites of our customers.

Installation of bamboo blinds is universal and very simple, with same supports to place it on ceiling or on wall. Each blind is formed by different strips of bamboo wood, which are joined together with interlocked laces. Collection system of each bamboo blind is cord and pulley, and bamboo cane guarantees great strength and durability. For its installation we will only have to screw two hooks in upper part of window, or in ceiling. To place in them rings of bamboo blind and that is install.  Braking system so that bamboo blind can be paralyze and roll to desire height is very simple. A simple lateral movement of cord that it incorporates will suffice.

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Our bamboo roller shutters are available in 5 finishes to choose from (bamboo, cherry, brown, dark brown and natural). And in several sizes: different widths with two available height measures, 160 or 220 cm. It is not a custom-made product; it would have to adjust to ones provided. To guarantee a greater coverage of window, we recommend adding 5 cm on each side for width and 5 cm on top. And these will be measurements that we will need to know in order to order our bamboo roller.

In case of not conforming to any of standard measures. We can recommend other alternatives such as wooden effect roller blinds or Venetian blinds made of wood. Also mat blinds, simpler, custom-made but with a maximum width of 140 cm. Bamboo roller shutters can be install both outdoors and inside homes. Fact that wood acts as a good thermal regulator guarantees freshness in our homes. Helping to reduce interior temperature. A very elegant, modern and attractive alternative to incorporate a modern and easy to operate blind in our windows, both exterior and interior.