24 Beautiful Adjustable Railing Planters

Feb 8th

No matter how good your property is landscaped, your home will look incomplete if you have porch railings without floors. Adding plants to your porch rails increases your homes curb appeal and helps create an oasis outside your door. In a home with no yard, Porch railings may be only place that an owner has to grow plants. You can add plants for their beauty or grow plants that can be used. Adjustable railing planters are rectangular pots that sit directly on porch rail or hang over porch to hook over porch railing. Ease of access to this type of pots is ideal place for annual flower plant that requires reforestation. Marigolds are an almost perfect option for porch railings because they feature bright colors and are known to keep unwanted pests at bay.

Petunias are a common type of flower available in a wide range of colors. You can also try pansies, begonias and geraniums in their pots. For a spectacular floral display, create a plate garden incorporating various types of plants. If you browse your local greenhouse, you will surely see rows of hanging for sale. This makes it easy to dress your porch railing for neighbors to see. All you need are some supports on railing to hang your baskets from railing. Everyone is familiar with going to hang basket plants like geraniums and begonias, but there are many plant options that can make a single statement.

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Sweet potato cascade vines on edges of pots in colors ranging from bright green to deep purple. Fuchsia has bright pink, fallen flowers that will last throughout season. Verbena is a perfect drought-resistant flower for careless gardener. You can also try lobelia. If your gardening philosophy is more for wild side in terms of plant growth, then climbing vines would be ideal for your porch railings. Plant on ground below your porch and make sure you have enough trellis or posts so you can climb up to porch rails.

Monitor vines grow; wrap new length around poles to stimulate their growth upwards. Morning Glories are vines that grow quickly, producing bright flowers that, as name implies, in morning. Clematis and glycine are other well-known climbers; but keep in mind that thick and woody strains of glycine can dominate weak trellis. Trumpet vine produces trumpet-shaped flowers in bright colors. And it is know to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Family nasturtium flowers such as vine birds are attractive, but need extra encouragement to climb. You can even grape vines from plant to reap benefits of leaves and consume juicy fruit.