Fabulous Accent Wall Color Ideas Details

Jun 18th

An accent wall color ideas is a fabulous opportunity to wear that vibrant color that you love. And a beautiful way to enhance some of your favorite decorative objects. Another option is to choose a splendid color to enhance the wall without any other decorative detail. Enhancing a wall can even highlight the architectural details of your home. To change only one of the walls of your room. The first thing to do is to choose a color that perfectly matches the existing color of the walls. For example, if your walls are paint in a soft mocha color. Then, paint an accent wall in chocolate brown. You can also combine the paint with wallpaper. In this way, you can see a room papered with a painted wall, complementing with some color that says present in the wallpaper.

If your room is painted in a neutral color, add a striking tone that enhances the entire environment. The opposite colors within the chromatic range combine well. For example, the classic contrast of a cool blue with a warm orange. The colors that are close to each other inside the color wheel also combine well. As with the shades of greens and blues. Since the color combinations are endless, you will have no problem finding the one that suits your needs.

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To decide what striking color to use, think about your favorite color. And all the different tonalities that derive from it. For example, blue is not an invariable color. Since it has many shades and intensities. Within these tonalities we can name the clear blue of the sky. The intense blue of the ocean, the dark and iridescent electric blue and the warm turquoise blue. And within each of those shades of blue. There are numerous varieties according to the colors with which they are mixed. Any of those blues will turn out to be a wonderful contrasting color.

An accent wall with the ideal color can draw attention to areas that would otherwise go unnoticed, or it can help to enhance the whole appearance of the environment. A simple principle to keep in mind is that, as far as the optical effect is concerned, warm colors shrink spaces and fresh colors enlarge them. So if a hallway is too long, a contrasting warm color applied to the back wall will make it look shorter. On the contrary, if in a small room he uses a fresh contrasting color, the visual effect that he will create will be that of amplitude.